What you missed today:


1. Become familiar with the due dates and assignments on the syllabus and ecollege.


2. On E-college under welcome>log in info discussion make sure to leave your wordpress user name/email address associated with it so I can add you to our site.


3. Also leave your Second Life avatar name.  Once you get on Second Life look for the group Rutgers MCIS and request to join that group.


4. For the reading discussions that are every week you should sign up for a week and who is in your group presenting.  There are 12 reading weeks starting week 2 and since there are 25 people signed up so far, start with groups of 2 and if all the groups fill up we can go to 3 per group.  To sign up for that is also on ecollege unit 1 under group presentations.


https://selfandsocietysp1402.wordpress.com/  The wordpress blog for this class.