Technology is something that I have cherished and used throughout my entire life so far.  I currently use a very important piece of technology to get around and maintain as much independence as possible, my electric wheelchair.  I have also always been a fan of using the computer to design and create incredible things, start an inspirational or motivational movement that brings people together, and communicate with others across vast distances.  Due to the lack of universal wheelchair accessibility, I have had to use Facebook, Skype, and other programs and websites to talk to my friends and family.  In a nutshell, technology to me is not just a tool or a form of entertainment.  Instead, technology is a necessity and something that I could not possibly live my life to fullest without.  That is exactly why I hate when someone tells me that I spend too much time using my computer and chatting on Facebook.  I am not addicted; I am one with the digital universe.

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The article by Portwood-Stacer really surprised me on how society views the use of technology and the Internet.  One second people are celebrating technology and its ability to truly change the world and do amazing things, the next second people are saying it is a very terrible thing.  Why can something so important be considered harmful and detrimental to society as a whole?  Without technology, there would be none of the simple things in life that we now cherish.  No rapid means of communication across the world, no factories, no Doritos, no electricity, and not much of anything else we hold dear.  For me, having no technology would mean that I am stuck laying in my bed all day not being able to go to college or do much of anything.

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So I do not believe that an addiction to technology and the Internet is always a bad thing.  I think that the addiction only causes a problem if it affects those around you badly or you want to cut back, but are physically unable to.  Also, if the “addiction” is able facilitate and help increase overall quality of communication and life, then it is not a bad thing.  I have always used technology for what it is meant for, to make something easier or take less effort to complete.  The Internet makes it easier for me to communicate and live my daily life, whether I be considered an addict or not.