Refusing to accept media into your life seems like an impossible task. I think that growing up in a technologically advanced society, one does not know how to live without  this attachment and self dependency on media. Stacer uses the word “addiction” to describe peoples ability to forgo media use. In my opinion, I think that every person in our digital era who is up to date with technology is ‘addicted’ to media. Stacer describes this addiction as, “media consumption habits that have exceeded normative levels.” Our society is constantly having to been in the ‘know’ where people want to be updated daily and are used to having knowledge at their fingertips. Stacer uses “media refusal” to describe people’s conscious practice of cutting a certain habit of media consumption out of their lives.” I think it is possible to cut certain older media’s out of one’s life, but to give up technology like television, just seems nearly impossible. I think this whole addiction stems from how the past few generations were raised and our advancements in technology. People keep inventing ways to make life ‘easier’ or to make information more accessible to everyone. Generation after generation, a new advancement is made where people can easily access multiple things. Though addiction seems like a strong word, I think society is addicted to this technology. Over the summer I had to complete an assignment where I had to forgo media use for a whole 24 hours. Not being able to watch television or use my cell phone was impossible. I couldn’t be without these technological devices because I am so used to having them around. These technologies are like part of your body, and cutting them off is like missing a piece of yourself. So I have to wonder, what are ‘normative’ levels of media consumption? It seems like most of society would be considered addicted, so maybe ‘normative’ levels in our generation should be redefined.