My favorite article this week was definitely Laura Portwood-Stacer’s 3 part article about  media refusal and media addiction, probably because it is something I can relate to in so many ways. I found the picture on the second page of Part 1 extremely interesting because it was suggesting that technology is more likely to be an addiction for people who have no addiction (examples that were given are smoking or drinking), does this mean Generation Y will have less people addicted to drugs or alcohol and more people addicted to their cellphones, computers, and televisions? Will we have meetings for technology addiction instead of AAA meetings? Will we create some kind of product that will help us quit such as the eCig?

And ps. these meetings to help your technology addictions will be held online, ironically. They’ve already had some groups and articles posted about one. Here is a good one on “How-to” go about quitting:


I’ve seen a video that was going around Facebook that was showing how much we are missing in the world because we are too busy staring at the screens on our phone ex.  missing when your kid scores a goal in their first soccer game. Even with the knowledge of all these things we are missing, I do not think it will change. I agree with the idea of this being an addiction, and to an addict a “Screen-Free Week” would be nearly impossible. But my question is.. are they addicted to social media itself or are they addicted to knowing what everyone is doing?



I can relate to this article because me and my boyfriend were recently laying in bed just scrolling through our newsfeeds when I looked at him and started hysterically laughing. We realized how much we both are on our phones when we are together (especially during football season for him… stupid fantasy football) and we decided that we were going to monitor each other and help each other stop doing it as much so we can pay more attention to each other. So far, I’ve proven to the be the one that is more addicted because I find myself resorting to going on my phone when I’m bored or should be doing something else with my time.