This week, I really enjoyed reading Portwood-Stacer’s three part article on people’s dependence on media.  She broke the article down into three parts: addiction, asceticism, and aesthetics.  All three have something to do with our cultures reliance on technology.  Whether we like it or not, online technology dominates the way in which we do things.  I know from personal experience in my internship roles that working without some type of online program is near impossible today.

There are people however who decide to not rely so much on technology.  These people are referred to as “media refusers.”  “Practices of media refusal, as well as statements by media refusers about their choices, could be seen as implicit indictments of the norms of media culture, the most basic norm being that everyone ought to be a consumer of media,” (Portwood-Stacer).  These media refusers shape the way we think of technology in a negative way.  They believe that those who use and/or rely on technology are worse off.


Personally, I find it almost impossible to simply quit using technology cold turkey.  While I do not believe that we are addicted to it per say, I think that we do rely on it, especially in the business world.  Throughout my internship experience in the public relations field, I have had to rely on online websites to help me accomplish my work.  Growing up in this day and age, I am accustomed to leaning on technology to accomplish a task.  Could I complete some of my tasks without technology?  Probably,

but it would be difficult to convince me to take the necessary extra steps to accomplish this task without the use of technology.

One negative I do see with the “overuse” of technology is that it is hindering our ability to communicate with people in person.  I take great pride in my ability to interact with people in person, however I know a ton of people who do not have this ability.  I do believe that one of the reasons for this is because people are so used to communicating over the computer.  I believe that offline meetings hold even more significance now, because if you do not know how to communicate in person, then you are not going to get very far in the business world.