I was blown away by the statistics provided by portwood-stacer. There are studies done that relate media usage in ways that I would have never pondered in my life. Its led me to understand how relevant that media has become in our society.

There is reference to how much of an oxymoron that media refusal and ‘addition’ is in the most current institutionalized society. They hence that it is all one big advertisement scam. After reading through his three blurbs, I had to put into question, is there really such thing as addiction to media? Filtering through other people’s posts this week, many have come to the conclusion that they are indeed addicted to media, or that media is detrimental to society. However, in all of my education with DCIM and a special topics in HR course on social media, I have only been provided with scholarly articles that tint a negative light over how society is changing because of how digital our society has become. I want to highlight that it is just a change. Our reliability on technology and digital media has been at an all time high, thus taking away from tangible, real/first life tools, resources and means of information. Schedules, maps, games, cameras, bank accounts, alarm clocks, and even face to face connections are available on standard cell phones. The standard age for having a cell phone has also expanded in its age groups. The technology is available to everyone instantaneously. It is a way that society in this day and age is “modifying” just as society at one point “urbanized”. Maybe not in the same aspects, but in the way that people are adjusting. When society modernized their transportation, invented the telegraph, they were making connecting with people more rapid. Life in virtual world is the same thing, except connection is even more rapid. It is not that people are addicted, but their lives revolve in a virtual world. It was even reinstated in the blurbs that advertisement tries to help people from their so-called addictions by marketing on online outlets. They then use digital media as the tool to help fight their addictions to digital media. As you can see here, even means of business has been digitalized. Take for example shopping. It used to be done in stores only. Now, half the time, company’s sales come directly from online sales. The change that I reference above can be seen in Bloomfield’s article. I think it has been highlighted that even inside the virtual world (second life) business, education, and games can all take place. It of course is never easy to adjust to such serious changes, but once people become acclimated and a successful model is achieved, than it becomes more realistic.



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