Online games and other various video games are some of the most popular forms of entertainment in today’s day and age.  Millions of people all around the world are participating in multiple gaming activities.  Through these games, a social aspect exists for its players.  Online games are perhaps the most common when it comes to social interaction.  With these online games, players have the ability to interact with others through the game.  One of the main problems with this however, is the fact that some individuals rely on this online communication a bit too much.

Gamification is described as “using game mechanics to influence real world behavior.”  This unfortunately is becoming more and more true.  Individuals who play these online games for a long period of time often become reliant in these games to participate in social interaction.  An example of this could be the ever-popular online game, “World of Warcraft.”  I have known a few individuals who have stayed up countless nights just to play the game.  People will actually use what they have seen in this online world to make decisions about their own lives.  To me, I find it pretty amazing how people can rely on these games so much.  I understand the fun in them, however to use what they know from the games and bring it into their own lives is disturbing. Image 

Another problem, aside from a lack of face-to-face communication, is the idea that these gamers would rather indulge in these video games then complete some more important tasks, such as school work.  Countless times I have seen my friends put off doing there school work in favor of playing video games.  It is truly disturbing, as they may not realize it, but they are putting off something extremely important to their real world lives, in favor of playing video games, which in the long run really do not matter that much.  For me, this was never really a problem.  I have never been a big video game person, and actually get bored after playing them for a while.  Games like “Candy Crush” and “Flappy Bird” were somewhat fun when I first got them, but now they are boring and I find them pointless.  People I know are still playing these games, and get a lot of personal satisfaction when they do well in the games.  I really do not understand how people can be happy about doing well in a videogame.  Is it the competition aspect?  Do people really care that much?  Or do they just want to beat all of their friends?  Personally, I have never really understood the craze of video games, and I don’t think I ever will.