DFTBA! Don’t forget to be awesome! This is the motto of the Vlog Brothers, John and Hank Green, online community, Nerdfighteria. The Vlog Brothers are on YouTube, and make videos for one another as well as their community talking about their own lives and various happenings in the world. They’ve cultivated an awesome community made up of their audience and other YouTubers who may have started off as the average YouTube viewer.

The Vlog Brothers encourage their audience to create. Via comments, collaboration, artwork and more, the audience interacts greatly with the content creators. On Tumblr, they create images and write stories, record videos, you name it—the Nerdfighter community does a lot to decrease what they call World Suck. This video explains a little bit about the kinds of things the audience creates, and how the Vlog Brothers fully support their endeavors:

This interactive audience that participates in numerous ways whether through graphic design of posters, T-shirts, music, charity work and even more came to my mind when looking at Jenkins’ article for this week. John and Hank Green, while “founders” of this Nerdfighter community are Nerdfighters themselves, just like each of their viewers. The line is somewhat blurred between the two.

This community was made possible by the Internet. Jenkins writes:

The World Wide Web is a powerful distribution channel, giving what were once home movies a surprising degree of public visibility (p.144).

This is exactly how the Vlog Brothers started out back when YouTube first took off. Now, over seven years later, they have an audience in the millions that unite to bring life to amazing efforts like Project For Awesome, and more!