While reading the article “Curse of the Cow Clicker” I realized that this is such a common thing in people’s lives nowadays. For some reason people are absolutely obsessed with monotonous games that don’t require much from the user. This is true for not only social media games but phone apps, PC games, console games, etc. They almost act as a way to get away from the world that surrounds the user and allows them to lose themselves in each games little world. What most people don’t get is that what draws them into these games are the exact things that tend to make them hate their jobs and every day lives. The game Cow Clicker was just that, clicking a cow with no goals in mind. Now the article did say that originally the game took off with people who loved the satire and had a personal vendetta against Zyga but down the line it caught on like wild fire. This also reminds me a lot of turn based strategy games for example Heroes of Might and Magic which is a really addicting game for people who are into the simplicity of just having to click a mouse to play. It fascinates me that people can become so addicted to concepts that they despise in real life such as monotonous work, myself included.

The most recent game along the lines of Cow Clicker is a game called Flappy Bird. The only tasks the player has to do is tap on the screen to make the bird flap and then control the bird to fly between never ending sets of green Mario-esque pipes. This game took off like wild fire in the mobile gaming world to the point where the creater took the game off the market. The game is insanely addicting because it’s so easy to fail but feels so fantastic to increase your high score. The demand was so high that even when Flappy Bird was taken off of the market dozens of knock-off apps popped up in the Apple and Android markets. This influx of new versions became such an epidemic that Apple and Android have taken a stand to limiting how many arrive in their markets. People are so willing to click on a screen in order to increase a score that will get them no where but change that game to office work and now it’s the worst thing people have ever had to deal with. **There really should be a sarcasm font**