These readings actually made me laugh out loud, because they relate to so many events that have been taking place in my life. My friends and I were actually just discussing the other day this kid that we thought was so cute and cool during our freshman year of college.

He always was just “cool,” he always received like 100 likes on every pictures and status he posted so it seemed like a lot of people agreed with us. Now we are juniors, and we found out first hand how different he was in person then he was in real life. He was socially awkward, and through mutual friends we found out that he was considered a loser/nerd/theater geek in high school and did not have a lot of friends.

But, the way he portrayed himself to be on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram makes you believe that he is just the coolest cat in the game, and then when you meet him you realize he can’t hold a conversation or look anyone in the eyes and really just sits on his phone the whole time. He really showed the “ideal” self that was spoken about in the Ellison/Heino/Gibbs article about Managing Impressions Online.

He definitely wanted everyone to believe him to be this frat kid who did sports and had so many girls, and that’s what he portrayed on Facebook. I genuinely don’t think he was lying, I believe he used Facebook (I believe most people our age do) as almost an online dating site and wanted himself to look attractive and approachable.

Sometimes you will see a person who is 900 lbs and- this is just an exaggeration-and they will have on spandex, and you’ll think, “God I wish I had their mirror because obviously their mirror tell them they look great.” It’s the same thing with online. -KarieK

The Mendelson and Papacharissi article was also hilarious to me. Everything was so accurate especially about the same-sex pictures and the environment they are posted it. For us college kids, it’s always a dorm room or a sweaty basement. And you obviously can’t go out with taking pictures and documenting every hour of it and who you saw. You have to take the “same-sex” picture they talk about with your roommates, and you have to take the “opposite-sex” pictures with your guy/girl friends that you run into.

And it’s hysterical to me around this time of year with the college pictures because of all people that just joined their new fraternities or sororities  because of all the planned pictures they post.

These readings were my favorite ones yet and I can’t wait to talk about them in class!