The concept of hybrid identities is both cut and dry and difficult to define.  I am of the belief that everyone has some form of a hybrid identity.  Whether it is on social media websites like Facebook, or online games such as World of Warcraft, nearly every individual has a hybrid identity.  The extremity in a hybrid identity varies from person to person however.


Some individuals build their online identities based on who they are as individuals currently.  For example, I attempted to make my second life avatar an exact replica of who I am physically.  Some individuals in the class have done the opposite, choosing to go with a fantasy character that they believe represents them.  There is no right and wrong way to do it.  What gets tricky is not physical appearance, but how some people choose to come off in their hybrid identity.

The best example I can think of is how some people portray themselves on Facebook.  Obviously, everyone wants his or her profile page to be appealing.  People will always post the best pictures of themselves, or make statuses that stick with the norm of pop culture.  But does this profile really represent who these people are?  Or are individuals simply trying to appeal to others?  It is tough for me to completely trust people’s Facebook profiles, simply because I know that they are only a small representation of who they are.  If you actually sat down with someone face to face, you may find out something completely different about them that was not on their Facebook profiles. 


These hybrid identities have made in person interaction so much more difficult in my opinion.  People are so caught up with how they look to others online that they forget how to come across in face-to-face interaction.  I believe that our self-representation changes when we interact with people in person, simply because we do not have a hybrid identity to rely on.  I believe it is harder for people to define who they are now a days, simply because they rely on online games and social media to help them do it.