I believe that everyone has a hybrid identity, and I like to think that your hybrid identity is more accurate. In person, you may not see all the sides to a person and may not be able to fully know someone. Online on Facebook for example, you can see that person’s friends, how that person interacts with others, and more information about them. I think hybrid identities differ obviously from person to person, but platform to platform as well. 

Being online, you can also show how you want to be seen as. While many people may say that you can lie and have something that isn’t really true, I disagree. I think that those that lie about their identity online Facebook get caught easily unless it’s something like Second Life where it is much harder. While you can find out more about someone by sitting down with them, you can also just look at their Facebook and find something that they wouldn’t say in person. A hybrid identity obviously has its advantages and disadvantages; it is just how you look at it. Again, I like to look at it from an optimistic point of view.


I think our self-representation changes to people we meet. I think it happens to everyone because you want to impress others or make a good impression. We may hide information while glorifying other information about us. I also think that people critique hybrid identities too much. I think it is just another great way of portraying yourself. It is just another form of which to express yourself.  

I personally believe that things like my facebook and twitter account are a great platform to express myself and for people to get to know me more. I think that everyone expresses themselves in some way online that is different than in face-to-face interaction. Because of that, the hybrid identity is very important for society and communication.