I found Boyd’s article to be very engaging and interesting especially the first example that was used of a 14 year old named Kat, she noted “Myspace is just old now and it’s boring, it’s not really racist, but I guess you could say that. I’m not really into racism, but I think that MySpace now is more like ghetto or whatever” What exactly is the definition of “ghetto” from a 14 year old girl’s perspective? That interests me because clearly it is something that is socially constructed that Myspace is not “cool” anymore.  Growing up my parents were very strict and did not allow me to engage in many Internet sites because they believed they would be harmful and would influence me in negative ways. Personally I am glad that I was not allowed to have a Myspace at such a young age because I believe kids are more prone to cyber-bullying and they may engage in activities that may harm them because of the lack of control on certain social media sites.

Our society today forms many stereotypes and certain genders or races are discriminated against for all the wrong reasons. In Boyd’s article, Kat, at just 14 years old, believes that Myspace is ghetto and for hip hop lovers. Although Myspace did fade out it is not because the users were “ghetto” but merely because of the fact that a new form of social media emerged called Facebook. I joined Facebook when I was in high school and that was my first network. I thought of Facebook as very professional and exclusive because one needed to be in a school network in order to join.  I honestly joined Facebook because everyone in my circle of friends was joining and I felt like I had to be part of this experience.


Boyd brings up a great point that “birds of a feather flock together” and that people are more likely to befriend those like them. This is true because people tend to be attracted to those who have similar interests and lifestyles. On Facebook there are sub-cultures where people are able to make their own groups within a network. I think this is a great way of connecting with people in different circles. Personally I joined a few groups on Facebook throughout college, some ranging from academic groups to social groups. I found them to be very helpful because they are comprised of similar types of people.

It is very important for individuals to work in groups efficiently because it is a skill that will be used throughout our entire careers and it is important to be able to work in not only physical groups but online groups as well being that our society is becoming more and more advanced as we speak.