From personal experience, I know that communities can grow online.  I have seen first hand how online communication can help a community grow.  I am an avid Crossfitter, it has become one of the few true passions in my life.  One of the ways in which our community communicates with one another is through online communication.  People post different workouts, training secrets, or events online.  This makes it much easier for a broad audience to see what is going on within the Crossfit community.  


Me personally, I use this communication outlet to talk with the friends that I have made through this sport.  Whether it be Facebook chats or through Instagram, I always have an outlet to speak with the people in my community.  One of the best examples of this was when someone who goes to my gym and is a part of the Crossfit community posted a video of him attempting an “overhead squat.”  He had been struggling with this movement for quite some time, however he was getting much better at it.  The video showed as much, as he ended up setting a new personal record.  Once the video was posted, a ton of people from my Crossfit community commented on the video.  Whether it was congratulations or offering some advice on the lift, tons of people were quick to comment on the video.  That is why I believe our community is so strong.  We get the best of both worlds.  We are a community inside of the gym, but we still continue that bond through online channels like Facebook and Instagram.

 I believe in today’s day and age it is always tough for online communities to exist.  There are just so many factors that go into making an online community successful.  Sometimes just picking the right channel in which to communicate could be the difference between a successful online community and a disaster.  I believe that the only way an online community can work is it everyone within that community buys into the concept of keeping in contact with everyone through different channels of communication.  If people are able to do that, then any online community can be successful.