When does technology become too advanced for our society? Is having open communication and societies really helping us, or hindering our culture? Reading Resisting Alienation: The Social Construction of Internet Communities Supporting Eating Disorders by Jessi McCabe was quite interesting and yet very alarming. Eating disorders have become more common throughout the 21st century due to different beauty standards. One of the things that people recognize as a beautiful is being ‘skinny.’ Girls will do anything to get that ‘skinny’ look, meaning that they will go on extreme diets and weight loss programs to do so. A big trend that has hit the internet and social media sites is uploading pictures where girls show their ‘thigh gap.’ Thigh gap  is when a girl has very skinny legs and their thighs don’t touch. Young girls have become obsessed with having thigh gap and in doing so have become anorexic or bulimic to achieve this look. People can search thigh gap on Tumbler to see tons of pictures of this ‘thinspirational’ look and in doing so, they make themselves feel bad in the process. This is where pro-anorexic lifestyles will begin because of these different online communities. It is saddening that girls will follow Tumblers, different social media accounts, or online communities to support or ‘show-off’ these pro-anorexic or bulimic lifestyles. There are actually some websites dedicated to showing girls how to stay anorexic and keep it from your parents just to obtain and maintain this skinny image. When individuals are trying to keep their lifestyle a secret, they can use online communities to chat and communicate with others who are in their same situation. Though this sounds like it would be such a positive thing, it is also very damaging. People in these communities can now keep secrets from friends and family and are being supported by others with this disease. Looking up pictures and talking on online communities seems to be hindering our society. So is advanced technology really helping us — I don’t think so. It seems to be making information a lot more accessible, and is having all this information really a good thing? Online communities do provide one with the ability to access other people’s thoughts about specific topics, but something such as living an anorexic life is not what girls should be advised on. This is a dangerous situation that girls are putting themselves in, and each year, more and more girls are starting to diet because of beauty stereotypes. It seems that the first thing we have to change is our culture’s standard of beauty, because if that changes, then the online communities will change.