Like so many other things, the Internet has its pros and cons. Some make online life their sanctuary, while there are others that suffer from it. In Mccabe’s article, she points out there are online communities that support pro-eating lifestyles and indeed it is a big conflict in this. As I’ve mentioned before, members of this group might find this community a sanctuary, because they share the same interests, thoughts and insecurities. Aneroxia and Bullimia is not a norm in society and are diseases that can be fatal. Member of this groups might be facing fear of being rejected and ridiculed by society if they were to know about the problems they are experiencing. They would not be social outcasts but at the same time, they need to share about this problem with people who understands. Thus, the creation of this pro-eating lifestyle community.

From the members’ point of view, they might think the group is healthy and helpful because at least they don’t have to share the burden all by themselves, now that they find solace in other members who are also facing the same problem. But for society or people out of the circle, we might think it is actually harmful for them, as it encourages these people to have an unhealthy eating lifestyle and to have the mindset of thin is beautiful. A lot others have pointed out about this term ‘thinspiration’ and this can be found largely in websites such as Tumblr, where they would post pictures of girls that are overly thin and underweight that they are left with skin and bones. Images such as these can easily be searched and it’s all over Tumblr.




It is very disturbing to have images like this all over the website. And seeing the majority of Tumblr users are girls, it only gives a bigger risk of exposing these girls to things that are unhealthy and wrong. Thin does not define beauty. And everyone should keep that in mind. Although Tumblr isn’t a pro-eating lifestyle website, they should consider removing images that actually promotes eating disorders.

But this is just an example of websites that can be both helpful and harmful. There are other online sites that has only positive things to be shared, and others with only negative things. It is inevitable and is abundant around the Internet. It depends on the society, they should learn to not immerse themselves with online communities that can only affect them negatively.