“The Internet changes the way we understand and conduct qualitative inquiry” (Baym & Markham). Now that we have a better understanding of what an online community, culture, and subculture entails, it makes us think a little bit harder asking questions. Even though some of us are trying to get some answers for our questions, sometimes the answers aren’t what we are looking for or expecting to get. You can build a reputable identity by building relationships with the right people. Those who can provide insight are the ones you can rely on to get information. However, there may be times when an individual can encounter some problems trying to gather information. There are billions of people in this world, and sometimes people like to troll others because it is their type/form of entertainment. Therefore, we must be careful when we are trying to receive information online because the information can be false. It becomes difficult to know whether we can trust the person or reference the information is coming from. In order to maintain ethical standards, it’s the set of rules we need to follow. The rules that are given are the standards that students need to abide by in order to keep the respect and create the quality of the research “pure”. There are tons of resources on the Internet that becomes tempting for students or people to use as their own work. However, middle schools, high schools, and universities repeat the same message to their students that it is wrong to plagiarize. Not only do they mention that it is wrong, but they mention that there will be consequences if caught (most of the time they catch it).

In the Information, Communication, & Society reading, the author mentioned how “people are coming together on the Internet to inhabit new kinds of social places” (p.163). I think that this is true because many people utilize the Internet, and this makes it more convenient and flexible for anyone to connect. Especially now, this generation and so on will probably continue to stay connected through the use of the Internet (unless there is a new type of technology created –better than the Internet). I think that it’s extremely easy, useful, and helpful to get in touch with others on the Internet. However, it becomes very important to know whether we’re getting played out with all this information out there.

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