[09:19] Malikat : Rachel Issa, London City, I visited London City and it was definitely different than our classroom. I expected the city to be a bit busier since it is in fact a city. First thing that was different was the music; it was upbeat and very European which I loved. As I was walking I saw a store called The Anal-Sex Hud, that was very strange to me but I was expecting some sort of sexual references, in front of this store was a girl dressed pretty provocatively. I thought it was interesting how the radio was informative as well, with news of the Malaysian airplane being missing; I was very surprised that current news was being shared. My SL was acting up and was very lagged so it was a bit hard navigating through the city fully. But from what I was able to discover the city was very quiet but had great monuments and many stores all over. Also, there were many similar characteristics of the real southwest London, such as the double decker bus that drove by.

Patricia Hendricks, London City. We arrived at what looked like the center of a city, London city I’m assuming. There are many stores around to walk into surrounded by a large outdoor common area. Inside the store there was a lot of clothing and other things for sale but there was no one inside besides my group members.  There was an avatar named londonhelper3 that was wearing ass-less chaps and leather bondage type vest but he left as soon as we got there. Outside there are many animal objects walking around, I tried to pet a bunny but it didn’t work. I also saw another bunny, a peacock, and a unicorn. There was a large statue that had something call a couple dance balls that made you turn upside down and do gymnastic type things. There is sex themed section that I couldn’t figure out how to enter. I saw a double decker bus drive by the sex shop. I went down the street to a wrestling shop but there was no one in it. Jenna Jamieson was dancing around naked in a red light district type window. There wasa Tony Bennett billboard right next to where Jenna was. I finally figured out how to change my preferences for adult content and then it was time to leave.

Nur Indra. London City. Sorry I whispered. I’m extremely amazed at how the city is a mirror image of London! The buildings along the road looked exactly like the ones along Oxford Street. I thought it was pretty cute that they even have the red hop-in hop-off bus like the ones in London. There were disco balls everywhere, and colorful lights decorated the city. However, it was pretty dead, surprisingly. So I flew around to certain places with a few people. I saw someone dancing in front of a shop so I stopped and tried to ask why was she dancing. Turns out I was standing in front of a club called “Madam Lala’s” so I went in and was automatically added into their group. I found Madam Lala and tried to make conversation with her but she was too busy dancing. I then went ahead and danced a few dance moves like “Waltz”, “Boogie” and “Slow Rhythm”. Seeing that there weren’t many attractions here, I decided to teleport to another part of London City, at Soho and Regent’s Park.



London City, Anthony DeVergillo: There was a large city center with wildlife, plants, weird dance orbs, a red light district, an ugly city bus, and strange people.  No one really responded to us.  There was a WTF Girl, her conversation is the following: ”

[09:13] Violetta Veno: look

[09:13] Violetta Veno: *~*~rofl*~*~

[09:13] Violetta Veno: c.c

[09:13] Violetta Veno: O.O

[09:13] Crofty Veno Atolia: i can see it lmao

[09:13] Violetta Veno: ~~~~ |\ ~~~~\o/~~~~

[09:13] Violetta Veno: wanna go to the hub?

[09:14] Violetta Veno: *~*~rofl*~*~

[09:14] Crofty Veno Atolia: ok lol

[09:14] hgulian: whats the hub?

[09:14] Crofty Veno Atolia: on map its in sim 1 at the top

[09:14] hgulian: ty

[09:14] Violetta Veno: What the F*CK?~!

[09:14] Crofty Veno Atolia: ?

[09:14] Violetta Veno: What the F*CK?~!

[09:14] antable93: ?

[09:14] Crofty Veno Atolia: whats wrong?

[09:15] hgulian: ?!

[09:15] Violetta Veno: tp one sim above?

[09:15] Violetta Veno: what?

[09:15] Violetta Veno: *~*~rofl*~*~

[09:15] Violetta Veno: just tp”


Daniel Kleinman. I went to the London shopping center. The immediate thing I noticed was the environment. It was a funky pop kind of music that I think would typically be typically played in upscale clothing stores. The next thing I noticed was the physical environment. It was very colorful, with plans neon lights, and disco balls everywhere. It seemed like someone took the actual city of london and tried to make it a dance club. At first there was nobody there, but slowly other people started to log on. Me and my group tried to interact with them, but they did not have a response other than inviting us to their london group. For example, one of the group invitations was 18+ for a nightclub scene. I had a good time walking around the stores and seeing the merchandise, which was mainly just clothes. in terms of interacting with other people, there wasnt much to do other than shop. There were tables where you could pay to eat with a friend, and cars to drive around the shopping square in, but other than