As the internet continues to grow, people’s ability to remain private has virtually disappeared.  There are so many ways in which people can gain access to different things on the internet.  Whether it is a major website, or a small time blog from a random individual, people who use the internet now-a-days have the freedom to both do and say whatever they please.

For this week, I believe the best example of this lack of privacy is the article titled, “The Lying Disease.”  The article tells the story of Valerie, a 36-year-old woman who discovers a small lump in her chest, only to find out that it is an extremely aggressive form of cancer.  Valerie begins to blog about her experiences in dealing with this cancer, including her treatment and what she is doing to fight the disease.  Throughout her blogging experience, Valerie deals with odd and scary individuals who take advantage of their anonymity on the internet.  To me, some of the things that Valerie had to deal with over her blog are very nerve wracking.  Having a few “trolls” here and there is understandable.  Everyone who uses the internet sees hundreds of these on a daily basis.  The really strange thing about this article is the lies that are told to Valerie over the internet.  There is so much anonymity on the internet today, that unless you meet someone face to face, it is very difficult to know who you are actually talking to and whether or not they are even telling the truth.

Social media has certainly helped raise the number of these types of people.  I am an avid Twitter user, so I am able to see tons and tons of different people tweeting different things.  A lot of the messages and tweets I see from people are extremely hateful.  There is often a ton of racism, homophobia, and hatred that is spewed from these people.  There is no way people can have privacy on the internet anymore.  People online have the ability to access and explore people’s blogs and social media so easily.  Just look at what happened to Valerie.  Her blog gained a few followers in the beginning, and from that, liars and trolls began seeping through the normal people online.  It is a scary example of the internet can sometimes be a very dangerous thing.