People have changed over the recent years. Technology has been up and coming for much of these years and it is becoming more directly correlated to an individual’s real life. People are so engrossed in their online life that it overflows into their real life. Whether it manifests itself in more time online and less time in actual social situations, or just being really impressionable and conforming to the ways of others.

            To be frank, I had a hard time reading about the woman’s struggles with breast cancer. I myself know too many people that have passed from various types of cancer. People that would fake a chronic illness for any reason disgust me. They need to change what they value and what is important to them. Getting sympathy from others under a false pretense, I think, would actually be more damaging than good for this already troubled person.

            People across the board from athletes, to actors, to business professionals design their identities around a public image they want to attain and display. After presenting yourself in a certain, specific way, you must continue to ACT that way. Otherwise, you risk being perceived as a phony. One example is Charlie Sheen; he presented himself to the public in a way that showed he couldn’t care less about what others think… or did he? Perhaps he behaved this way because of the rough time he was going through and didn’t know how to handle it any other way. Was this the real Charlie Sheen that we were viewing being rather rambunctious? We might never know. Does it matter? Well, hopefully he recovered from his episode and is doing well, at least that’s how I feel.

            Examples this prominent are harder to find on Second Life and less significant, because they are not as widely publicized and recognized. It’s sad that the virtually ‘real’ self has become an extension of the actual self. It is even worse that people do not know how to behave without the direction and information they gather from interacting online.

            Many basically throw privacy out the window when they get onto social media sites. I feel that Facebook is like a newspaper for the self. I don’t want people reading a day-to-day or minute-to-minute feeding thread of what I’m doing and what I am up to. Call me ‘old-fashioned’ but this pervasive nature of social media in our everyday life is ridiculous. Life should be enjoyed on your own merit and personal distinction. If you can’t feel good about yourself, your accomplishments, and your regular activities, if you need constant support, ‘likes,’ and ideas form others online to get you moving, you need to disconnect from social media and reevaluate your principles.