I really thought this week’s articles are very interesting. I especially like reading ‘The Lying Disease’ article. I myself have not personally been victimized by an internet troll or deception, but I’ve encountered several incidents involving people who lied about their identity in the internet. This can actually be considered as a norm, fake profiles are sprouting all over the internet, shamelessly using other people’s identity and pictures, claiming to be their own. As much as I think it’s pathetic and sad, there is nothing that can be done to stop this illness from going on. I can still tolerate with people faking profiles using other people’s identity on social networks, oh which their ulterior motives are only to gain popularity without touching insensitive issues, such as faking terminal illnesses as highlighted in the article I mentioned earlier.

Recently, my country has become famous because of a tragedy that is still undergoing investigation. The missing flight of Malaysia Airline’s MH370 made it to various countries’ newspapers. The whole country was mourning and it became the only topic discussed in social networks. My newsfeed would constantly be updated with prayers, supports and latest news about this tragedy. While I was scrolling through my twitter feed, I came across a tweet that received a lot of retweets from my friends. It was a tweet from a girl, who said that her mother was in fact one of the passenger of MH370. Her tweets were filled with grief, asking her mom to ‘come back home’ and that she ‘misses her mom’. She uploaded a conversation of her with her mom, via WhatsApp. Everyone sympathized her of course, offered her with all kinds of support and advices. She even posted a picture of her and her mom and it was featured in the local news.

ImageImageImageAlthough I didn’t offer her words of encouragement, I felt sorry and sad for her. And I find myself checking her twitter page every day to see how she was coping with her grief. It wasn’t until a few days later I saw a lot of people tweeted mean and harsh words directed to the girl. Turns out everything was fake! Apparently she stole the identity from a girl of Philippine’s nationality, taking pictures of her twitter account (her tweethandle is @xmialuna). True enough, I checked the twitter profile and the real mialuna clarified that her identity was indeed stolen and she was not involved in this shameful lie. And the picture that the fake girl uploaded that supposedly was of herself and her mom turns out to be a picture of mialuna and her cousin.

I was baffled. Shocked to the core that I really don’t know what to say about it. There was another girl who also posted about her father who worked as an air steward in MH370, but her profile was legitimate and I really felt sorry for her. How would she have felt? Her father was indeed missing, fate unknown, and yet here’s a person who made up a fake account to get sympathies for a fake mother who doesn’t even exist. What about the rest of the family members of the passengers of flight MH370? It’s bad enough for them to be in grief of losing their loved ones, but to be insulted by this person’s fake account… It’s honestly heartbreaking. It’s as though they are being mocked.

I wish people would think thoroughly before deciding to do something as stupid as this. To fake illness, fake tragedy, or anything from the same context just to get attention or sympathy or whatever motives they have, is just simply unacceptable, especially when it could affect other people’s feelings and emotions.