“The Lying Disease” was a very eye-opening article to read. It shocks me how people would go as far as faking a serious illness, for what? For attention? I have read a story similar to this one where a woman fakes having cancer and goes as far as accepting donations from others and using that money for all the wrong reasons. In Valerie’s case, she was blogging about her condition because that is how she coped with her disease. There is a huge online community that usually supports one another, which inclines people to join in because there are individuals who can relate. When going through a sickness, it is important to be able to relate to others and be comfortable expressing how you truly feel in order to get through certain challenges and obstacles. There are many people who start fake profiles about themselves and lie about their identity over social media, which is something that is very unethical but more and more individuals have been doing these harmful acts. There is a reality TV show named Catfish which is about online dating and taking that extra step in meeting that person, and usually they turn out to be different than who they originally said they were. Faking a terminal illness is much more harmful and should not be tolerated. It is impossible to put an end to lying online but the online community should be aware about what they disclose to the public and that there is no such thing as privacy. When pictures and posts are published online, anyone has access to them and they are then able to alter that information and use it for their benefit. I personally had to find out that some girl used my Facebook pictures and created a fake profile about my brother and I. She created two fake profiles about us, and had us dating and in a relationship with each other. When I found this out, I was sick to my stomach. How can someone do this? After that incidence, I became very skeptical in who I trust in the virtual world. Although I have high privacy settings on my Facebook today, I cannot ensure that my information is safe.