Baym’s article Making Smart Choices on Shifting Ground was an interesting read. She begins by explaining, “The internet- with all its capacities, interfaces, uses, and underlying technologies- both epitomizes and enables a seemingly constant barrage of reality-altering, globe-shifting changes” Reality altering and globe-shifting changes are exactly what the Internet is capable of doing. Our society is constantly changing, not only in the US but also all over the globe, some may argue if this change was for the better or worse. The Internet has gone through many transformations, and one of the most important in my opinion being redefinitions of social boundaries. We see on the Internet various types of forums, all ranging from cooking forums to dating forums. Baym explains, “Genres such as reality television, talk shows, and Internet video sharing thrive on the willingness of private citizens to bare the most personal and private elements of their lives to mass audiences”. We have come to the realization that there is not such thing as privacy. There are many instances when a few of my girlfriends resort to social media when they are going through a tough time and emotionally unstable. Rather than coming to me and venting about schoolwork, romantic life, or family life, they go on twitter rampages and vent through mediated social networks. Carter’s article also brought up many interesting points that are actually very relatable to what we have been doing in class. Carter’s research was about relationships in cyberspace which she spent a great amount of time analyzing different factors and aspects of relationships. Observing different case studies is tricky at times because one cannot be 100% sure of the information they are receiving, it is not possible to fully measure someone’s authenticity which is why we must use our best judgment.  In Second Life, we have been visiting different places and encountering different people, depending on the location, the individuals will act differently. I enjoy very much observing how people act when they are put in different settings and I have noticed there are many subcultures in Second Life, there are many different shared experiences and different online communities under this big umbrella of SL