I’ve never noticed or appreciated how hard people work online, you always think if you work on the computer or work from home it’s automatically a free day to do whatever you want while you look at your computer every few minutes. That’s not always the case though, and that’s what I learned through the article about the Chinese gold farmer. It’s crazy that the Internet has created jobs for people everywhere and of all types. Even though the pay isn’t good and the amount of time that goes into it is not worth it for most people, people in other countries look at this opportunity differently then us. The fact the someone would be willing to work all hours of the night doing tedious jobs like that, shows how much these job opportunities meant to people in different countries. And to think those people playing the video game simply pay $20 just to “level up” or get ahead… they never see or realize all the work that goes into those things they don’t take the time to do.

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This reminds me a lot of SecondLife, how people open shops and sell things that actually turns into real life money. When I went on a field trip to 1920s Chicago last week, there was a couple named who owned the entire town really, every car, boat, and store you saw was their’s which means they must make a decent amount of money by doing this. There are also meetings on Secondlife, just like they would be in the real world (look at this picture for an example), so people should stop assuming that having a job online is a game or a joke.

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The fact that the Internet creates all of these job opportunities is great. Not everyone is cut out to talk in front of a crowd, or sit at a cubicle everyday. This gives people who have an interest in video games, or people who feel more comfortable from behind a computer screen a chance to make a living and wake up everyday knowing that they love what they do.