Going through the Norrath post, I find myself getting a headache. First I was dubious, I could never have thought of making profit from VW. When the author explained how the economy works in a VW, I was really surprised. Never in a million years thought that people would actually devote their time so much in a game and end up getting profitable. Since I’m the person who would never spend my money on things like this I could not imagine others doing so.

Though it was relatively easy how the transactions between players in a VW are made, I am fascinated how close they are with the way we really do it in the real world. They have markets, bazaars, traders–just as we have in reality. Interactions are also almost identical and it made me think how much of a mirror the VW is compared to the real world. Although there are limitations of how money is being made through online games, the profit margin a player can make is extremely high. For example, a player can sell off their avatars and can make $500 to $1,000 from one account. Imagine how much they can make if they had sold off 30 different accounts?

However it is not a simple task. Avatar accounts are bought based on their ranks and level and items. To get high-valued avatar accounts, players need to input a lot of hours into playing the game. This can be hard for those who have regular jobs in the real world. You simply won’t have the time to spare to be playing in Norrath considering other ‘Earth’ obligations. It will take a lot of patience and concentration to be able to sell the 

The question, how much are you willing to spend time playing a game and make money from there? From this article 44% of players preferred to quit their economic activities in the real world and devote their time in Norrath if they get sufficient wage. To what extend of ‘wage’ are they looking for? And don’t they ever count the risk of getting duped online? If they are willing to spend money for unrealistic avatars or accessories or items with traders through a real world transactions, aren’t they afraid that it might not even be a secured deal? But this doesn’t stop VWs from making a a lot of money. It was expected VWs to make an annual revenue of $1.5 billion by 2004. That was 10 years ago, how much will the revenue be today?It’s all mind boggling but I suppose in a way it provides a lot of other opportunities to people, especially those who are really committed with the VW.