In the article, “The Life of the chinese Farmer,” by Julian Dibbell talks about success of the game world of war craft. What struck out to me is one big factor of the success of the game is that the game is multi-player. People are able to interact with one another without physically being with each other. This draws in so many players and that is a great reason the game became such a success making over 1 billion dollars in profit. I found this extra interesting because for my capstone project I am creating a game where kids would want to play my game versus other cool games out there because I will  be able to possess the interacting factor. My game is a virtual scavenger hut. The kids in class will be able to play with one another when they get home from school. This will enforce team work, and also educational learning. But my major point is I am luring the kids into my game because I am going to make it interactive. 

Also this article describes Real Money Trade. I find this phenomenon amazing. People get so caught up in games that when they trade real money for virtual goods. This is an amazing tactic for earning money. The addictive factor lures people in and they get so addicted to the games that they are willing to spend money to move them along to solve the “problem”. In connection to my game, I decided that whenever a student reaches a destination and gets the question right they will earn points to pimp out their car. Obviously my goal is not to make money but I want to get my students so addicted to solving problems because they will be eager to earn more points to “pimp” their car out. I targeted cars to students because in high school kids are obsessed with driving and cars so I thought it would be fun to have them pimp out a boring car given in the beginning of the game. My point here is that addiction makes me people do! People will spend their time and money when they become so involved with a game.


At the end of the article, I found a quote that struck out at me. “It’s instinctual — you can’t help it,” he said. “You want to play.”

This goes to prove how addicted people get to games. They find them fun, competitive, addictive, interactive, entertaining, and exciting. We all have found ourselves addicted to at least one game whether it was World of War craft or as simple as Flappy birds. But these games all posses similar qualities that is why we get so caught up.