Larry Gross talks about the communities that people merge into. Whether its in real life and they are finding their commonplace in a magazine, or on a virtual platform such as Second Life, people have an increasing amount of destinations. Through the readings I can find relevant parallel to what Gross is talking about. In Blarney Stone Pub, the people all had common interests. They were there to listen to music, dance, and chat with friends. This is something I can safely assume happens in the Second Life areas that I haven’t ventured. Such as the places Brookey and Cannon mentions. I intend on keeping clear of these locations, as I feel uncomfortable being around some of the actions and behaviors described.

            Although I do not intend on attending events in these venues or teleporting to these questionable locations, I did have an experience that is relatable. During one of the field trips, I found myself visiting a place called the Avatar Fitness Club. I met a woman there whom I became friendly enough with that she began giving me a tour of different places in Second Life. She showed me her town, her home, and her farm. This was a good time and quite interesting. Then things got weird. She offered me to teleport to her location, which looked like a quaint log cabin upon my arrival. Here she told me to come inside to where her friend was. The cabin was small and had only three rooms. One room was furnished with a hot tub, and one with a bed. She sat on the couch and told me it was OK for me to sit as well. I did. Before I knew it, she was essentially humping me.

            This type of behavior is odd to me. Having read Brookey and Cannons writings, this would have seemed normal to me. Second Life now seems to me that it is the perfect place for creeps to hangout. This is fine as long as I am not subjected to it. Reading it was one thing, experiencing some of the weird stuff that was written would be another. I can believe that people pay to have genitals on their avatar and then try to get their avatar to have orgasms. I will be removing Second Life from my computer upon completion of this course. Knowing how many weirdo’s are in this world from news stories is wnough for me, I refuse to be around the behavior. I was suspicious from the beginning of class when Sanchez told the class, “I will be taking you to and exposing you to some weird and interesting stuff.” These readings and my experience were too weird though.