If we are being honest here, when approaching the second life aspect of this class I immediately associated it with a sort of fetish. That people go there to live out fantasies both sexual and flat out bizarre. During my first field trip my very first encounter with an avatar outside of our class was a bit uncomfortable for me. Upon asking her what people do here, she immediately invited me to other locations. She invited me to an array of locations, all specializing in serving a specific fetish or desire. Then it hit me, how real this game is to some people, that this is a crucial outlet for them both mentally and physically. The Gross article helped me in the understanding of the evolution of the gay community after the introduction of the internet. It made sense to me that they would be the first to really master and utilize this new, private, channel of communication. To seek refuge in an online community that otherwise did not exist in the real world. This is still heavily evident today. This avatar that I engaged with (mentioned earlier) was not exactly human, some pixie or nymph perhaps. She had a shapely body and was generously endowed. Her outfit was exotic and covered close to nothing. Seeing I was a girl, she immediately invited me to a bisexual orgy. Although I was uncomfortable, I politely declined and continued on my way. However, for this individual the rejection was real and she proceeded in talking to another female character. This game should not be taken lightly because I have witnessed how real and intense these relationships can be, the camaraderie and the intimacy.