“As these studies indicate, cyberspace is thought to liberate the subject from the embodied constraints of RL” (Brookey & Cannon,147) Real life has social norms, and addition to laws and regulations that instutionalize the reality of those social norms. In SL and online platforms, the dynamic is so different from RL because the communities are constructed by anonymous people whose identity is concealed online. They can be who they want to be in creating their presentation, or still act as themselves and escape the strains of RL social ostracizing because there is more support for and greater presence of ‘outcasts’ or people who feel insecure in RL. I was able to venture into one dance club with one of my group members, Woost, who chose an overweight avatar wearing a typical plumbers outfit in which he wore a dirty wife beater and jeans where his belly and butt crack were showing. He was called out almost immediately by another random character on SL for the outfit. Because everyone has the ability to be “sexy” it is almost expected that you tailor your character to be that way. The anonymity of real life characteristics in conjunction with the ability to create one’s own appearance in every single aspect yields an attractive community. In real life, it is just assumed that attractive people are typically more sexual than not attractive people – and because everyone in second life has the ability to be attractive – and majority of the time do indeed take advantage of that opportunity, sexuality is prominent. In submersing myself into SL, I became a part of several sexually natured “communities”. I visited the 50’s and 60’s sock bar for example, and the common environmental nature was distinctly sexual. There was an entire patio section prompting dirty and sexual behavior… in public. Being that they are the sole creators of these sexual options and habits, it is so commonly accepted – something that everyone is doing and by default wants to be a part of. There were options for “lust”, “dirty dancing”, and “friction”. In addition stores promote attractive and sexual outfits and skins. In RL people engage in relationships, have hookups, etc. – people are sexual. The only difference between these relationships offline and online are the social norms/social capabilities that exist amongst both worlds. Online an individual is able to create XXX clubs/paraphernalia/communities without any regulations, legalities or judgments to be passed. It is allowed – and easy to do without any repercussions. These communities can be gauged towards TGBT peoples, heterosexuals, SNM people, the options are unlimited. If one can think it – it can happen on SL.