When I first logged on to SL, immediately there were other avatars in the chat box telling me I’m “cute” and asking me questions about myself. I did not answer because they were attempting to “hit on me” essentially and I thought it was very strange. From the get-go I had this skewed image of SL and realized many people use it as a place to express sexual emotions. My beliefs were that people go on second life to live out a fantasy of theirs, which may in fact involve sexual fantasies as well. Brookey & Cannon’s article goes into detail about the liberatory perspective and how avid users of SL are very attached and essentially live through their avatar. Second Life includes many sexual and fetish ware stores, which include various bondage, clothing, harnesses and other sexual attachments. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find these stores very strange and over-the-edge, and I wonder why people choose to live out their sexual fantasies in cyberspace. As I continued to read the article I became disgusted that “actual sexual intercourse is available through various “pose balls” found in SL” (pg. 152).  The paragraph goes into detail how an avatar can go into a “pose” in order to be spanked while allowing the other avatar to do the spanking. This type of behavior is very odd to me and it makes me question our society and what it has come to. I personally am against activities like these because I was raised very old-fashioned and traditional. I could only imagine what my parents would think of these types of sexual fantasies being played out in SL, they would be in more shock than I am!