I thought the article by Brookey and Cannon very interesting. I’ve heard a lot about sexual activities in virtual world and I am really curious to learn how it works. When we were assigned to our SL assignment, one of the things I look forward to is experiencing the sexual activities in the virtual world (not that I’m a pervert or anything, I’m just really curious). However, I have not had the chance to encounter such activities yet. Is it because I’m always visiting places that are not promiscuous enough?  I don’t know. The only thing I’ve observed is the way certain avatars are dressed. Some are dressed in skimpy clothes, and I thought they were inappropriate for a day outfit. There weren’t even any clubs or parties nearby. When I asked, the avatar mentioned that she spent the whole night partying and hadn’t the chance to change her clothes. I’ve stationed myself at clubs, hoping to come across conversations that might involve sexual talks but to no avail.

In this article, the authors mentioned how sexual intercourse is being done. “Actual sexual intercourse is available through various ‘pose balls’ found in SL. Pose balls initiate directed animation, and are demarcated by colored balls that can be
found in different areas of SL. When a user clicks on a pose ball, the avatar will move into the position and begin the animation that the pose ball directs. When pose balls are activated the avatar will continue the movement or sexual act until the user directs the avatar to stop.,” (152). I found it really amusing. The only sexual activity I’ve witnessed virtually is when I’m playing Sims, after I asked my Sims characters to ‘WooHoo’ (Sims language for ‘doing it’). But even in there they will cover themselves with the blanket. There are obvious movements of sex being done and in the end there will be fireworks. But to that extend of it.

I don’t know if I’m just prude, but wouldn’t it be awkward to be performing sexual intercourse in front of people? Unless if they have the option to do it in a room where no one else can see. But even so, it’s really embarrassing. For people who really take virtual life seriously, they might find it important to live life in virtual world the same way humans live in reality. Like eating normally like humans do. Can avatars in SL eat or drink? I wonder. I’ve never tried nor have I encountered an option that offers me to do so. But my point is, no matter how much I think it is a taboo to talk/witness sex in public, I guess I have to accept it is a norm in virtual world. To understand the process, I feel the need to witness it myself. So while there’s still time left, I hope I will be able to experience it and talk about it in my final project.