In the article Sex in Second Life, by Robert Alan Brookey & Kristopher L. Cannon talks about the sexual choices people make in Second Life. First I would like to point out how in the article they were trying to classify whether or not SL was a game or not? I agreed in that SL is looked at as being a game. I say this because I look at SL as being an escape for people to really be themselves, and just have fun with expressing themselves, whether it is with fun outfits, being a totally odd creature, or going to places where one would never envision going in real life. It can be used for fun, and just like games like World of War craft, you creature yourself to identify who you are for the game’s purpose. In SL, people identify themselves more freely because there is a screen between you and the virtual world. The article states how people think they have the free space to be themselves where in Real Life they hide their true identity, come to realize even in a virtual world politics, and discrimination occurs. There are restrictions in some locations based on gender, or looks. It is inevitable we will never escape these issues even in a virtual world. We may have the luxury to be whoever we want in SL, but we will never escape the issues we deal with in real society, where class, race, and gender discrimination. 


I think its great to have a cyberspace where people feel confident to be whatever they want. For example, some people deal with the confusing issue of whether or not they are trapped in a body they do not feel is their. I remember watching an Opera episode on girls and boys feeling they are in the wrong body. Girls felt they should be a boy and some boys felt they should be a girl. They are not gay or lesbian, but just a gender issue. This is a great stepping stone for people to at least be free to express their sexuality even though it maybe only virtually, but maybe it would give them the strength and courage to realize what their true identity is.