From a technologically deterministic viewpoint, it is clear to see that technology currently is, and has always, changed the way we understand reality.  I believe this is why it is so hard to fathom our current situation with privacy.  If one were to use an older media to accomplish a task they would be able to do so under the context that their personal information would not be in jeopardy.   Now, using new forms of media, our information is tied into the very devices from which we work, play, and explore.  This is the new reality of the “iCulture” and it is our lack of acceptance or recognition that is our greatest weakness.  This increasing feeling of vulnerability is a primary cause of our ignorance.  We choose to ignore these feelings because our own realization would exacerbate our mentality.  It is very similar to quicksand in the sense that the more we fight against these feelings the further we sink in reality.  It isn’t until we hit these issues head on, that we will be able to build and move forward from it.  This is not to say that everything is bad, because these same technologies and advancements allow us to do things that were impossible previously.


I saw someone else talk about the abilities of social media and how it is an excellent tool for connecting with people; a tool we have not always been able to use.  This tool is also great for someone like me who has transferred between universities located in two different states.  Prior to my attending Rutgers I went to The Ohio State University.  There I met countless friends that without social media I would never have been able to keep in touch with.  Even if I were able to keep in touch with them it might involve countless phone calls checking up on people which would take infinite hours.  Now With social media I can just take a peek into their lives and either update myself about their lives or contact them directly there.  The beauty of this technology is its asynchronicity.  Those phone calls would need for both people to be in particular places at particular times to work, and now I can leave a message whether it be textual, visual, audio, or all three.  It is ingenious the leaps we have taken in technology, but as I have already mentioned.  It is very much a gift and a curse.