The online world has evolved greatly with much freedom for users to express themselves in however way they would like. My Capstone project is about SoundCloud, which is a social network devoted to allow artists and DJs to share their sounds with their fans. This then allows for a shared experience amongst the online community. The Internet is very collaborative and online communities are started from the bottom up, which is something very important and unique as well. Before enrolling in this class I was very naïve when it came to online gaming because growing up I was not exposed to such games. After reading the Casanova article. Synthetic Worlds, I finally understood why we should care. Casanova discusses, “Thus my argument is not that you should care about the fact that there are ogres and elves running around in cyberspace, but that you should care about the fact that there are ogres and elves, millions of them, running around in cyberspace” (p. 251). Castranova goes into depth about an alternate society and how people would then be able to ‘test’ things out such as different policies, relationships, and other technologies in this alternate world. In virtual worlds, users are able to design what their appearance is and act in different ways than they would in real life. Many users are very devoted to cyberspace that they have created their own society and culture different from the one we are used to. I believe there needs to be a balance between the virtual world and the physical world, or else it is possible our society can break.