One of the coolest characteristics about the online world is the wide door it leaves open for interactivity and the resulting collaboration that make something unique and wonderful. The collaboration can take in countless forms, from multiple Twitter accounts contributing to a hashtag to a production company called hitReCORD started by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The above link takes you to a post from 2010 in which JGL explains exactly what hitRECORD is and why he started it. It’s an entire community only made possible by the online world, which is pretty amazing.

Look at YouTube, or any social media site really. What makes each site what it is? The users, and the culture they create via their posts, pictures, and interactions they engage in on any given platform. Blogs with multiple contributing bloggers, online magazine or newspapers—it’s all collaborative.

The Internet as a whole is collaborative. No one person runs it, but what makes it so great is the space it provides for everyone and anyone. Whatever your interest, Facebook and YouTube most likely have a place for it, but the grander Internet has a space for it, without a doubt.

This is no throwaway fact—this is real. And it contributes to our current human experience. We live in an age where revolutions start on Twitter, where people can become YouTube famous and news is updated online 24/7. It’s an age that allows and encourages interactivity in a way that’s as convenient as ever. An age that’s building communities online that people would have never imagined.

So, yes, we best believe online worlds contribute to our society. My society, yours, his, hers, and theirs. All across the globe, for all age groups. The virtual world connects humankind’s societies in a spectacular way, and I for one, am really glad to be living with it.