As we move towards the last few weeks of class I have learned so many new things about the virtual world. I’m shocked at how vast virtual life is and how much impact it gives to people. We review the good and bad things that virtual world offer us. I am at par with this issue. I guess there must be a little bit of both for both. There are a lot of good things that the virtual world can give us like networking, instant money, convenience and many more. However, being too absorbed with virtual world can make you less sociable, you tend to neglect your real life responsibilities and consume all your energy and time in the virtual world.

When I was a teenager I spend most of my free time on the internet playing online games. I remember the first thing I’d do after coming back from school was to on my laptop or desktop and play MMORPG games. I was obsessed with it and I’d even skip meals just because I didn’t want to leave the game. I’d spend hours and hours locked in my room to play games. It was ridiculous, but at least my case wasn’t as bad as most of the people I read in the articles provided through out this course. Gradually the obsession wore out, but that only happened when I don’t get access to the internet anymore, or I couldn’t get high speed internet access at home. I still go to Cyber Cafes every now and then but I stopped because I couldn’t afford to spend all my allowance just to play games.

As I grow older I realize how dangerous the virtual world is. It takes hold of your attention to the point that you won’t even care about other things. You would neglect a lot of responsibilities as a human. You would much rather have a relationship with your computer screen and your online friends over your family and friends. You would much rather devote your time online than n reality. That’s pretty screwed up. I guess if you’re capable of dividing your time wisely, it would not be a problem. But certain people fail to do so, and it gives an impact to their life. Especially children. They will lack verbal and communication skills and this will affect their performance in class or at workplace in the future. They will not know the proper way to write because they are so used to the terms and spelling used online. 

Of course, there are also benefits from spending time in virtual world. It can act as an escape from your hectic life or if you want to just create another persona as your alter ego. You can make money from home, just by doing things you love such as making tutorial videos or becoming gold farmers in WoW. You get to expand your network and know other people from all over the world. Everything is easier online now. But it is also easier to destroy your lifestyle if too much time is spent online.