The online world, while it may be relatively new within the past 10 years, is a growing force in society. We should all embrace it, or the very the least learn to live with it. I think the key to why it’s been so successful and popular in society because of its potential of collaboration and community. As we learned throughout the semester, the internet is one big tree full of many different branches or communities that you can be a part of. You can be a part of so many communities such as the gaming community or the cancer support group community. I never really took the time to realize how big or even how much I take for granted the collaboration being online brings. 

Are people hooked on being online? Of course, we learned about how people in China have to play WoW to even make a living. We learned about how people spend more time online on Second Life than in actual reality. We have to realize however that online isn’t an addiction, it has simply become a lifestyle, a culture. We do the things we enjoy the most. As said before, being online is still relatively new, it’s not supposed to be perfect. 

“This technology can be deployed for all kinds of purposes, some of them wonderful, others pointless but innocent, other frightening…Now that we have this technology, we have the ability to build societies under any physical conditions we wish.” I believe Castronova hit the nail on the head in terms of being online. Many people go online for frivolous activities, but others go on to live how they want to live. That is reflected by the huge popularity of Second Life. People go one because it’s something they can control.

You can do so many things online. Whether it be to learn, make money, or just make friends, it gives you the opportunity you may not have in reality.